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Installing Turf Alternatives – your guide to a low maintenance lawn, a workshop presented by Metro Blooms in partnership with Blue Thumb – Planting for Clean Water® covers the advantages of using perennial ground covers to maximize ecological impact. It also demonstrates handy how-tos for replacing traditional turf by installing and maintaining two popular types of turf alternatives: Low Maintenance Lawns and Bee Lawns.

Honeybee on Dutch White CloverThese alternative turf options are recommended for their hardiness, ecological benefits, low-growing nature and ease of maintenance.  Techniques covered include over-seeding a traditional lawn, building from the bottom up, and common maintenance issues.  Click here for more info  or read on …..

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Yard Waste Collection – Reminder

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.14.18 PMYard waste collection will end the week of November 16, 2015.  Place yard waste out, prepared to collection guidelines, on your garbage day.  See collection guidelines and more information here.

Happy Pollinator Week!

Pollinator Week

Pollinators give us many reasons to celebrate them. They are responsible for the reproduction of nearly 85 percent of flowering plants around the world, allowing plants that are food or habitat for other wildlife to persist. Pollinators also become food themselves for other wildlife, like songbirds. Continue reading

2015 Yard Waste Collection

trash bagsYard waste collection begins the week of April 13, 2015.  Place yard waste out, prepared to collection guidelines, each week on your garbage day for collection.

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July 2014 Newsletter

The latest  issue of Our Enduring Environs is now available.  In case you missed it, this issue is chock full of articles including volunteer opportunities and updated information about organics collection.  Check it out!

Landscape Revival — Native Plant Expo and Market – Saturday, June 7, 9am – 3pm

Purchase pollinator-safe native plants at Landscape Revival. Native growers participating in the sale do not use neonicotinoid insecticides. Sponsored by the St. Paul Audubon Society. Click for more information.


Native Plant Workshop May 17

Preregister by May 7  by sending an email to with your name and street address, or in person at the Lynnhurst Community Center.

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Yard Waste Collection begins week of April 7, 2014

trashMinnesota state law prohibits disposing of yard waste with garbage and requires the use of compostable bags for collection of yard waste from your home. Visit City of Minneapolis Yard Waste webpage for detailed yard waste preparation or for stickers  for your reusable yard waste container.


Spring Environmental Forum


Wild Ones 2014 Design With Nature Conference – February 22, 2014

DesignwithNatureEcoShifting: Re-imagining our place in a changing landscape
When: Saturday, February 22, 2014
Where: Plymouth Creek Center, Plymouth, MN
SAVE when you register by February 7.  

Imagination and creativity are the bedrocks for evoking change. In this time of changing climate, we look to re-imagining our place within a rapidly evolving landscape.

How might we respond to the ecological changes that are occurring?
What are the global factors affecting our local communities?
How might we view our natural resources in a new light?

Visit Wild Ones for more information about schedule, topics and speakers and to register.