More than 80% of waste diverted from landfills in 2014

GreenNotesIn 2014, 81 percent of the waste generated in Hennepin County was diverted from landfills and reused, recycled, composted, or burned to create energy. This enabled the county to meet the 2015 landfill diversion goal established by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for the second consecutive year.

Recycling also increased to 41 percent in 2014, the amount of organics collected for composting increased by 15 percent due to more cities and business offering organics recycling, and the total amount of waste generated remains 20 percent below 2007 levels.

Hennepin County is committed to making recycling as convenient as possible and expanding opportunities to recycle and compost. In 2015, the county will continue to work with cities, businesses, organizations, apartment buildings, parks, events and more to improve recycling and organics recycling programs. The success of our efforts also relies on individuals, businesses, manufacturers and partners taking action to support and improve recycling.

An update on the county’s efforts to increase recycling and landfill diversion in 2014 as well as goals for 2015 are outlined in the Recycling Progress Report.


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