Help keep leaves out of the street!

leafsignLynnhurst has a new environmental education initiative, using this yard sign to raise awareness of the important role that individuals play in helping to preserve our water quality. To learn more and how  you can help, click the link

Rain and wind carry leaves and other pollutants into the storm drain.

  • Most of Lynnhurst’s storm drains empty directly into Minnehaha Creek or Lake Harriet; a few drain directly to the Mississippi River.
  • Leaves and grass clippings contain phosphorus.
  • Phosphorus is the main pollutant stimulating the growth of algae in the lakes and creek.
  • It is a violation of City ordinances to rake leaves into the street.
  • We are all part of the solution to preserving water quality.
  • To obtain a sign, see

    Project administered by the Lynnhurst Environmental Committee, in collaboration with the Fulton and Linden Hills Environment Committees.


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