Minneapolis Tree Trust Sale starts March 25

treeturstORDERING begins for all wards Monday, March 25th at 8:00 am.  The trees go very quickly, so order yours early on Monday, March 25.   See Minneapolis City Trees Program for more information.

Since 2006, the City of Minneapolis has funded the City Trees program, a low-cost way for residents to help build the city’s tree canopy.  Trees are available for Minneapolis residents, businesses, and nonprofits at $25 each.  Plant a tree – create a shady spot in your yard and habitat for wildlife, save energy, mitigate storm water runoff, and increase property values.

In the past six years, the City Trees program planted over 7,500 trees in Minneapolis, an accomplishment made possible through the hard work of TreeTrust staff and volunteers.  This  year, there will be extra emphasis on shade trees to fulfill the city’s goal of increasing tree canopy.  There will also be a fruit tree option.

To reduce labor costs, VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to help residents load trees into their cars on May 18, 19 or 20.  See www.treetrust.org for more information on how to volunteer.


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