Composting with Worms

Recycling Food with Worms – A Vermiculture Demonstration
Dr. Chester Wilson, Biology Department
Thursday, January 24 at 4 p.m.
University of St. Thomas

Though intended for the classroom, there will be information useful to individuals also.  Check it out.

177 Owens Science Hall (OWS), greenhouse on south campus (Map)
Parking: Anderson Parking Ramp (very close to OWS). To get there, drive straight down Grand Ave. onto campus or turn off of Cretin Ave. onto the south campus. Or park for free on Summit Ave. between Cretin Ave. and Mississippi River Blvd.

Please RSVP:

We’re pleased to tell you about an exciting project at the University of St. Thomas where the campus coffee grounds are being “recycled” with worms. While most of UST’s food scraps are recycled through the Food to Animals Program, it turns out that pigs aren’t keen on large concentrations of coffee! So, Dr. Chester Wilson and his students found a solution. Starting small, they fed the grounds to red wigglers, a type of worm that can eat half its body weight in food per day. As a result, not only did they successfully divert tons from the trash stream, UST is producing a valuable soil amendment, vermicompost. Now this ambitious project is expanding to capture all of the campus coffee grounds! As a bonus, students are getting direct experience with a promising environmental solution while saving the college money in avoided taxes on trash (17% State and 53% County).

Please join us on Thursday, January 24 at 4 p.m. for a tour of this impressive operation and a chance to talk with Dr. Wilson about incorporating worm composting into your classroom. It’s a fascinating way for students of all ages to learn about living systems, soil fertility, and recycling.

For examples of composting in the classroom see


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