Let it snow

English: Snowman on frozen Lake Saimaa, Puumal...

The season’s first significant snow storm is predicted.  As a reminder here some tips for homeowners about using salt and deicers.

All deicers have environmental impacts — it takes just 1 tsp. of salt to pollute five gallons of water.

Sodium chloride (salt) will not work well at pavement temperatures below 15 degrees. If you do need to use salt, one to four cups of salt per 1,000 square feet should take care of the ice that remains after snow removal. As a general rule if you have a layer of salt after the ice melts, you’ve used too much.  Sweep the excess and throw it away so it doesn’t run off to a nearby storm sewer or body of water.

There are alternatives to salt for melting ice if melting is necessary.  Instead of soldium chloride use products containing magnesium or calcium chloride.  Or better yet, shovel and spread sand.

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