Buckthorn Busters

The 2nd annual Lynnhurst Buckthorn Bust on October 20th was a huge success. Seventeen neighborhood volunteers cleared a nice portion of the parkland between Lynnhurst Park and Lake Harriet. Weed wrenches were provided by MPRB and a neighborhood resident but many of the Buckthorn had been previously cut back and re-sprouted. Thanks to many of the volunteers bringing shovels and other digging implements the stumps could be permanently removed. Hard, but successful work by all. Thanks to LEC committee member Jan Bartels for coordinating this effort.

See more pictures and read more about this effort and controlling other invasive species after the break

Buckthorn is a non-native, highly invasive, woody plant that is easily propagated by birds who eat its berries. It crowds out more diverse native plants, limiting wildlife habitat. Removal prevents dispersal of seeds.



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