Update: Alliance for Sustainability’s “Work for Water Neighborhood Challenge Clean-up”

Alliance for SustainabilitY

Eutrophication is caused by the enrichment of ...Photo credit: Wikipedia

eu·troph·i·ca·tion  noun /yo͞oˌträfiˈkāSHən/ Excessive richness of nutrients in a lake or other body of water, frequently due to runoff from the land, which causes a dense growth of plant life and death of animal life from lack of oxygen

Did you know that an overabundance of phosphorus is the leading cause of excessive plant growth and eutrophication in our rivers and lakes (think algae bloom on Lake Harriet) Did you also know that just five bags of leaves and organic debris from streets and sidewalks can contain one pound of phosphorus?

The Alliance for Sustainability is looking for volunteers to host  a Work for Water Community Clean-Up Event between October 13 & November 21, 2012. The event is intended to prevent excess phosphorus from reaching lakes and streams by removing leaves and clippings from streets and storm drains. For more information about the event, what is involved in hosting an event, or to sign up to be a host visit Alliance for Sustainability website (under Learning and Action) or contact Paris Dunning either by phone 952-994-3846 or email.


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