2012 Yard Waste Collection Changes

Updated information about changes to yard waste collection from Minneapolis’ Department of Solid Waste and Recycling.

All bagged yard waste must be in compostable bags. Acceptable bags include Kraft (paper) bags and compostable plastic bags.   Compostable plastic bags should clearly state that they meet ASTM D6400 standards for composting and be marked as compostable. Biodegradable or degradable bags do not meet state law.  Watch for the logos below to find bags that meet standards required under law.

  Kompostierbar                OKcompost                       USCompostingCouncil

Please keep in mind that a four-week grace period will allow you to set out conventional plastic bags of leaves filled last season. Leaves in non-compostable plastic bags from last year will be collected through your garbage day the week of April 30. Your yard waste crew will debag and collect the yard waste, disposing of the plastic bag in your garbage cart. Due to the extra work and expense this requires, please do not use non-compostable plastic bags. After the week of April 30, yard waste in plastic bags will be left and tagged for you to re-package.

If you prefer not to purchase compostable plastic or Kraft (paper) bags you may use your own container. Reusable containers must be 33 gallons in size or less with sturdy handles and weigh less than 40 pounds when full. Yard waste stickers are available to identify your reusable containers. To request yard waste stickers, or if you have any other questions please contact Solid Waste and Recycling.


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